New Compounding Line For the Production of FILOLEN
Calcium Carbonate Masterbatches

We have invested in a new state of the art masterbatch compounding line with an annual capacity of 5000 tons for the production of FILOLEN masterbatches. The new line is equipped with a sophisticated central computer control system and fully integrated feeding and downstream handling facilities that ensure consistent product quality with excellent dispersion characteristics.

Chrostiki's well known FILOLEN Calcium Carbonate masterbatches with LDPE and polypropylene carriers for film, stretched tapes, injection molding and extrusion thermoforming are produced on the new line. FILOLEN masterbatches are exceptionally soft and white, with excellent dispersion characteristics that set them apart from competitive products.

Chrostiki has recently launched FILOLEN FP-0800, which contains a high concentration of mineral calcium carbonate of superior whiteness, and extremely low abrasivity. This new product is recommended for extrusion thermoforming, injection molding, profile extrusion and acts as an antifibrillation agent for polypropylene weaving tapes. FP-0800 offers low use cost due to its high loading, faster cooling, increased rigidity and throughput. Chrostiki will present this product line at K-2001(stand 81E51).


Color Preparations For PVC-P And For Solid Polyethylene Cable Insulations

We have developed first-class products for the mass coloration of solid polyethylene telecommunication cables and of PVC-P cable insulation to match both IEC and German RAL standard colors. The pigments used are selected for their dielectric properties and resistance to heat, light, and migration.

Chrostiki recommends MASTERTINT 'KV' series color masterbatches in PVC-P carrier for the mass coloration of PVC-P cable insulation and sheathing of minimum 150 μm thickness. These products offer numerous benefits to cable manufacturers such as: standard and reproducible colors; excellent dispersion quality and smooth cable insulation surface; economy and simplicity, by eliminating the need to produce and stock several color compounds; clean handling, for addition to the extruder by means of dosing feeder.

DRYPLAST powder color preparations are available in the same colors and can be added to the turbo mixer during PVC compound preparation. They offer even lower use cost than MASTERTINT masterbatches at equal color value.

MASTERTINT 'KE' color masterbatches in LDPE carrier are suitable for the mass coloration of solid polyethylene telecommunication and power cable insulation of minimum 200 μm thickness. MASTERTINT 'KE' series are available in a wide range of standard colors that match either International Electrotechnical Committee(IEC)or the German RAL Colors.

Visitors at K2001 will have the opportunity to find out more about MASTERTINT 'KE' and KV' series color masterbatches as well as about DRYPLAST powder color preparations during the exhibition as Chrostiki will present the above product lines.(stand 81E51).


New Film Color Catalogue
We have launched our new polyethylene film color catalogue, code SA45.
75 MASTERTINT KE color and special effect masterbatches are illustrated in LDPE film. The catalogue contains a full range of heavy metal free products conforming with European Union regulations for food contact and packaging applications. Standard economical lead pigment based colors are also included.
Users can select each color in different pigment loadings, depending on requirements.

  • MASTERTINT KP Transparent Color Masterbatches.
    for polypropylene.Wide range of attractive colors.
    Suitable for food packaging.Polypropylene carrier.
  • MASTERTINT White / Black Fiber KE-7900
    This LDPE masterbatch gives an attractive black fibre special effect on a white background.It is recommended for injection molded PP and PE household and packaging items.
  • MASTERAD Clarifier AD-800P
    AD-800P improves the clarity and reduces haze of injection, blow molded and extruded polypropylene articles.It also increases stiffness, HDT and tensile strength. Higher throughput is possible due to increased recrystallisation temperature.
  • MASTERTINT KE Pale And Pastel Masterbatches
    We have just launched a series of 22 pale and pastel color masterbatches for specially designed injection molded polypropylene and polyethylene household items in accordance with the latest color trends. 3 of our best customers showed houseware colored with this new product series with considerable success at the PLASTICA 2001 Fair in Piraeus.
    MASTERTINT KE pale colors are illustrated in color catalogue SA065.